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TV & Digital Ads

Free Television Entertainment
Free Television Entertainment
Improve the ambience of your restaurant by eliminating the boring sports talk shows, news networks and other shows that customers don't want to watch. Instead, play exciting videos that reinforce the brand of your restaurant. Choose from a wide variety of channels, including:
  • Drone footage
  • Trivia
  • Extreme sports
  • Food
  • Surfing
  • Kids
  • Fashion
  • Music videos
Free Digital Advertising
Free Digital Advertising
Promote your special offerings and upcoming events through your own televisions! You can now run your own commercials during any video channel that you play. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to communicate directly to your customers. 

Sample Video

Playing exciting videos that capture your customers' attention while promoting your own special offerings is a great way to boost sales. 

(Videos will play for 5- 10 minutes between promotional messages. This video has been reduced to 15 second intervals for demo purposes.)
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